We create and deliver courses that inspire students to dream big whilst empowering them with the skills necessary to achieve their ambitions.
Our extensive range of primary education services includes PPA cover which adheres to the national curriculum, pupil premium development projects, school clubs, and CPD. We work with you to implement a fully customised course structure and extracurricular programme tailored to your students’ specific needs. Each of our courses are designed to be flexible to their core; we cater to your school’s unique development objectives.


With Technola, everything’s taken care of. We provide a specialist and highly trained course instructor, an extensive suite of equipment including one-between-two iPads and state of the art Robots, and comprehensive planning and assessment.

Incredible Value; Outstanding Quality

Increase quality whilst lowering overall costs; that’s The Technola Paradox. To run specialist subjects internally, schools face substantial investments. A programme of study, computer equipment, software subscriptions, technical infrastructure; the costs quickly mount up. These investments oftentimes go underused by staff who lack the confidence to implement them, are left idle for the majority of the timetable, and become quickly outdated. By appointing Technola, you will be eliminating these issues.
Our team members are dedicated to their discipline and undergo regular in-depth training, equipment is put to work all hours of the school week, and centralised staff work to support instructors with IT and assessment. Technola is almost always more cost-effective than an internal solution.

Courses That Are Simply Out Of This World

Our innovative and premium courses are designed to wow and inspire. Lessons are written for every week of the year, from the first day of Reception to the final day of Year Six, so that progression, age-specific content, and consistency are guaranteed. Centralised staff work to keep courses on the cutting edge and always strive to create bespoke cross-curricular elements in partnership with your school.

A Devoted Team

Our clients are regularly blown away by the quality of our talented instructors. A strong commitment to progressive employment values means our staff are happy, healthy, and motivated; ready to become an integral part of your school community.