If we rise to the occasion, we will ensure that the young people of today lead long, fulfilling, and high-quality lives. Technola PE breaks free from the shackles of traditional physical education; our course is designed to keep students moving during every moment of every lesson, quick-fire theory is embedded every step of the way, and each class ends with a meditation cool-down so that students are calm, focused, and ready for wherever their day takes them next. Big challenges demand bold solutions: it’s time to make PE fantastically fun, accessible to all, and fit to face the realities of today.


Extraordinary Games

Yes to Rugby and Rounders, but double yes to Quidditch and Ultimate Frisbee. Non-traditional sports promote enthusiasm amongst all students.


Physical activity is a great start, but a deep knowledge of the food that fuels their bodies is an essential tool that enables young people to self-care.


The ability to live calmly, thoughtfully, and in the moment. Technola PE caters to the body and the mind.

All Inclusive

Don’t forget that with Technola, everything’s taken care of. We provide a specialist and highly trained course instructor, an extensive suite of equipment, and comprehensive planning and assessment.


Technola PE is made up of six main strands:


Each year begins with the introduction of new movement skills; initially taught in isolation, these movements will be utilised in all future modules throughout the year. Time dedicated solely to technique ensures that students flourish when these skills are later recalled practically through games, dance, and gymnastics. Excellent practice principles are also established as students are taught that any physical activity is simply the combination of multiple fundamental movements.


Students take part in games that develop team skills and a sense of positive competition. Technola believes this element of the course is an unmissable opportunity to challenge dated gender divisions in sports whilst promoting respect and equality. So, whilst highly valued traditional sports are included, so are Quidditch and Ultimate Frisbee; the aim is that those with a natural inclination towards sport are given a platform to excel, whilst those students who may have already fostered negative feelings towards team games can start afresh, and perhaps discover a sport that they love in the process.


Salsa, Irish, Hip-Hop, Ballet, and beyond! Our dance modules see students explore cultures from around the world and throughout the ages. Students are introduced to the concept of movement as a form of creative expression; they participate in a range of confidence-instilling projects that require them to perform as an individual, a partner, or as a member of an ensemble. Cultural and social motivations that underpin creative movement are explored, and students ultimately choreograph their own performances. This module is ideal for bespoke cross-curricular learning; perhaps, for example, students learn the native dances of the countries they are examining in Geography! Alternatively, if your school also offers Technola Music, students can choreograph dances to songs they have produced in the composition elements of the course.


As mentally demanding as they are physically, our gymnastics modules teach students that physical performance is as much a product of the mind as it is the body. Core strength is tested and built as participants progress from static to non-static balances, and ultimately full multi-step routines of their own choreographing.

Nutrition & Self-Care

Theory is embedded as quick-fire questions throughout the entire course, but from the beginning of KS2, nutrition takes the lead as the primary topic. From food groups to the muscles that are built using them, and from metabolic processes to label reading skills; participants are taught to think of the food they eat as fuel with the potential to provide them with superhero levels of energy, strength, and longevity. So as not to reduce the amount of energy exerted during lessons, students are taught this information in the form of themed games. Games that, for example, may see teams sprint around the sports hall to secure the most satiating foods in the supermarket, only to have to explain the rationale behind their choices after each round. By making theory fun, we have a real chance of communicating this life transforming knowledge to the young people at your school.

Mindfulness & Yoga

The stress of modern life is well known and widespread. We are hopeful that very few students have any significant experience of pressure at this age. However, mindfulness, yoga, and meditation can bring a sense of calm and increased individual performance to your school; a calmness that our current clients never cease to be amazed by at the conclusion of each of our sessions. Beyond that, equipping students with these skills now can have a profound domino effect throughout their lives: a healthy attitude to external stress can lead to better sleep, which in turn can lead to better nutritional choices, can lead to increased academic performance, can lead to greater self-confidence, and ultimately greater life-satisfaction. These tools that empower young people to live in the here and now are so powerful that we cannot afford to pass them by.

At Technola, we do not believe in teaching any theme in isolation. Whilst one strand might form the basis of a specific module, all other areas are touched upon wherever it makes sense to. With Technola PE, students learn about nutrition as they practice movement, mindfulness as they strength train in gymnastics, and cultural traditions as they dance. As with each of our courses, cross-curricular theming is always a possibility. Teachers are encouraged to discuss ideas with our instructors at any time; we will always strive to bring concepts to life.